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Visitor Information

As a visitor touring Seymour, you will be interested in finding information about Seymour's history and all the places and activities, etc., available. Running around to gather this information on your own can prove to be problematic. This is why we want to help you find all the information you seek to make your adventure easier.


If you are on your way to Seymour, one thing you must be wondering about is what sites would leave you wowed. You might just be asking if any site will leave you wowed. Well, since you are asking, we will answer. There is a large number of attractions that makes Seymour a destination worth going.


One of the major healthcare providers in Seymour is Seymour Health. They have over 200 members, making them major employers of labour in the health sector in Seymour. They specialise in providing rural healthcare services.

Car Hire

Touring is a beautiful and refreshing activity. To have a comfortable time travelling and touring, a good transport system is essential. A problematic ride can spoil the entire trip. With this in mind, we have made available car hire services. We ensure that we only present companies with guaranteed quality cars.


As you go on your journey, touring the area and enjoying the attractions, you must have a good, comfortable place to rest. We understand this, and because your needs are our priority, we have made available accommodation options to suit your needs. Be it for a single person, a couple, or a group, you can find an option to suit your need.

Events and Festivals

Seymour is a historical military and rail-service town. It is located on the banks of the Goulburn River. At Seymour, you can listen to the birds, watch the local wildlife or take a look into the town's rich history as a military stronghold during the Vietnam War in the Australian Light Horse Memorial Park or on the Vietnam Veterans' Commemorative Walk.

Things to Do

Seymour is located on the south end of Goulburn Valley in Victoria, Australia. Seymour is 104km to the north of Melbourne. Its location offers a breathtaking view. It is also well located for good riding, hiking, or bushwalking activity. It is good for every fitness level. Seymour has many public parks such as the Australian Lighthorse Memorial Park. There are lots of fun activities in Seymour that you can do.