Accommodating makes half of your traveling budget. The expensive hotels charging hefty for the suites, services, additional taxes, thus making it hard for you to enjoy while staying in the budget. So how can you save on long term accommodation melbourne without compromising the quality of the facility? Here, we are sharing the ways that can be helpful for you saving hundreds of bucks that are otherwise spent on extravagant accommodations while traveling.

Guests Rooms

For those who don’t want to settle on their private, solitude, and respite time or are traveling along with their families have the best accommodation available in local guest houses. You may not receive the level of customer service a 5-star hotel offers there but the level of comfort and privacy are on the mark without shedding enough pennies out of your pocket. There are many online websites offers the booking online and pictures the rooms, the venue and the surroundings for a better understanding of the customer. These guest houses are usually on and around the tourist points so you don’t have to spend much on local fares as well.

Backpacker Hostels

If you are a loner, the best accommodation option you would have while traveling is the backpacker hostel. The place comes with a bunk-bed, a communal kitchen and restroom, a personal locker to keep your stuff safe, a vast living room and a favorable company to share your adventures with other backpackers. Per day rates start from $5 and exceed up to $30. The hostels usually have the facility of private rooms for those who don’t want to compromise on their privacy and are willing to spend extra bucks. Spending less on accommodation would help you spend more on fun activities and explore more while traveling.

Local Homestay Facility

Many inhabitants around the tourist points tend to rent out spare bedrooms for travelers on minimal rates. This saves you from the additional costs of traveling to tourist points. Plus you get to know the culture of a new place, their traditions, cuisines, and customs. They treat you like a family member and more often you get breakfasts and dinners for free. This makes local home-stays a valuable option to live and save money while traveling.

Go Camping

If your next expedition plans include deep forests hunting and exploration, don’t forget to take camping hammock with you and get rid of the hassle of booking and spending on accommodations altogether. Camping allows you to enjoy the unparalleled perks of nature without any cost but if you are camping near a tourist site, this might cost you a bit of money. Still, much better than spending hefty amounts for frivolous four walls.

Free Couch Surfing

This may sound a bit weird or unsafe to people who are hearing it the first time but there is a forum named which has the strong participation of 5 million people from all around the world that allows people to bunk down in their homes for free. The reason they do this is to meet new people, to know their culture, or to look for partners in adventure. To keep the forum secure and risk-free, both the traveler and the hosts leave references about each other at the end of the stay. So if you are tight-budget on these vacations, save more by trying couch surfing. You might get lucky!

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