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Touring is a beautiful and refreshing activity. To have a comfortable time travelling and touring, a good transport system is essential. A problematic ride can spoil the entire trip. With this in mind, we have made available car hire services. We ensure that we only present companies with guaranteed quality cars. 

Once you arrive in Seymour armed with your list of spots to visit, the next thing to decide is how to get there. The bus schedule system might be too stressful for you. Having your own set of wheels might be the best option for you. You can determine your schedule, movements, and destination without worrying about the bus schedule. You would also be more comfortable.

We bring you means of securing a cheap rental car in Seymour to cater to your needs. With enough cash leftover, you can afford to enjoy the attractions that Seymour has to offer. You can also take a relaxing ride through the region, enjoying the beautiful and breathtaking views.

GoodFellows Rental and Storage Facilities

GoodFellows Rental and Storage Solutions is located at No.7945, Goulburn Valley Highway, Shepparton. They are proud to be both locally operated and owned. They are the top car rental service provider in all of Shepparton and its surrounding districts. 

GoodFellows Rental and Storage Solutions is a company dedicated to your rental interests. They make it their business to cater to your rental needs. They offer a huge range of rentals, including cars, trucks, movers, caravans, Utes, refrigerated vehicles, earthworks, trailers, and campers. They also specialise in sale and storage facilities.

The GoodFellows storage sheds are located at No.7945, Melbourne Road (Highway Frontage). They offer over a hundred and fifty drive-up storage sheds. The sheds vary between 2m x 1.5m and through to 10m x 3m. The sheds are constructed to ensure easy access (entry and exit) for all cars and trucks. This ensures that you can have easy access to your shed whenever you need it. GoodFellows is committed to making sure that your storage experience is as easy as possible.

Goodfellows Rental and Storage Solutions is open between 8 am and 6 pm on Mondays and Fridays and between 8 am and 12 pm on Saturday. However, weekend office hours might vary, so clients are encouraged to call and enquire before booking. They have depots at Echuca, Seymour, and Euros. You can pick your preferred location for pick up and drop off as well as the class of the vehicle you prefer and the amount of fuel you need.

You don’t have to worry about high prices. At GoodFellows, all their services are provided at a competitive price. You can get a quote from their website, and there are no hidden charges. Terms and conditions include having a rental contract with GoodFellows stipulating who can drive the vehicle, prohibited uses of the vehicle, where the vehicle can and can’t be used, your obligation, GoodFellows obligations, damage cover, essential charges, cancellations, etc.

You can contact them for more information by visiting their website at calling them on 1800 235 888 or (03) 5823 588. You can also contact them through email at