COVID-19 & Seymour Box Office

COVID-19 is a short acronym for coronavirus disease discovered in Wuhan, China in 2019. The disease is a deadly virus that is contracted through simple contact. As a member of the world, we have been greatly affected by the virus. This is even worse due to our membership in the tourism industry, where physical gatherings are common.

In turn, thanks to the various lockdown orders, we were unable to keep our operations open for most of 2020. However, thanks to relaxed regulations, we are gradually getting back. Regardless, we are committed to ensuring that we can protect the life of members of our community.

Government’s Response

The government has been making adequate effort to contain the virus and keep the people safe. There have been different regulations to ensure that people abide by the movement restrictions. Policies have been enacted to ensure that many activities are run from home. This reduces physical activities and also ensures that people remain safe.

People travelling to Australia are still subjected to a 14 quarantine program before they are allowed to go. Also, there is a restriction on the category of people who can travel to Australia. The people who currently can travel to Australia are listed below:

  • Australian citizens.
  • Those who are residents.
  • Travellers who had been staying in New Zealand in the past 14 days.
  • Nuclear family members.

If you are looking to travel to Ipswich for your vacation, you will have to reschedule. Every form of transportation that gets into Australia is monitored. Whether boats, yachts or aeroplanes, officials have been charged to guard the border and examine everyone coming into the country.

How It Affects Us

The pandemic has significantly affected us. Precisely, due to the various lockdown measures initiated by the government, it has become impossible for people to visit. For instance, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Taste of the Goulbon festival is currently on hold. However, the planners are actively looking for alternative ways to bring wine, food, and fun to your lives. You can also order food and beverages from the Goulbon River Valley producers online.

What We Are Doing

Our responses include:

Act of Social Distancing

All visitors must maintain a distance of 6ft from one another. There should be no body contact, such as handshakes or hugs. This is to ensure that we can eliminate the risk of spread of the virus. Also, in cases where you find out that someone is ill, ensure you take active steps immediately. Precisely, shield yourself from any ill person or someone showing symptoms of Covid-19.

Washing of Hands Culture

All our venues provide a handwashing station for frequent hand washing. Washing of hands must take place for at least 20 seconds. Otherwise, one may use alcohol-based sanitisers. This is to prevent the presence of the virus.

Use of Face Shields or Nose Masks

In case of close contact, a face shield or nose mask shields one away from being infected.

It would be best to keep your distance from infected persons or persons showing signs such as high temperature, sneezing, sore throat, loss of taste, cough, difficulty in breathing, and dizziness, among others. This way, you can avoid getting infected.