Health Services

One of the major healthcare providers in Seymour is Seymour Health. They have over 200 members, making them major employers of labour in the health sector in Seymour. They specialise in providing rural healthcare services. Seymour Health is located on Bretonneux Street in Seymour, which makes them well situated to cater to the communities located in Lower Hume. 

The range of services provided by Seymour Health includes clinical care, residential care for patients with high-need, support, and other community services. Seymour Health also provided emergency ambulance services. You can call the nurse on call or the emergency number, 000. Seymour Health is accredited under the Australian Council on Health-Care Standards. You can reach Seymour Health on the number 5793 6100.

Seymour Health prides itself on being are a progressive health care provider. The staff is friendly, committed, enthusiastic, and multiskilled. Your health is the priority, and the staff does their very best to ensure that patients are comfortable. You can request to be either a private or a public patient. As a private patient, you get your room while a public patient gets a shared room. A public patient does not incur any hospital costs, while a private student will incur medical costs. 

Seymour House provides residential aged-care. This service is provided in Barrabil House. Barrabil House is licensed and accredited. It is a bright and friendly environment. It is run like a home environment. Good food is provided for the residents. It has thirty-bed spaces, offered in single or double room set-ups. Skilled nurses are available 24-7.

Seymour Health also provided ambulatory care services. This includes Women’s Health Services, Occupational Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Diabetes Education, Maintenance Exercise Program, Antenatal Services, Pre-Admission Clinic, Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP), Cardiac Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. For more enquiries on this service, you can call the Ambulatory-Care Centre helpline on 5735 8050 or visit their website for more information.

Seymour Health also provides community health services. They aim to close the health care gap in the Lower Hume area. There isn’t a specially funded healthcare system created for the people of this area. Seymour Health aims to identify the health needs and well-being issues of the people of the region and provide solutions to them. The project aims to consult with the people, develop a healthcare system for them, and improve their health status in the long run.

Enquiries can be directed to the main desk. You can call the receptionist at 5793 6100 or visit the website to get more information. Please note that the hospital is currently working in line with the Covid-19 guidelines. All visitors are screened on arrival and provide with face-masks. All visitors must use their face masks as long as they are on the hospital premises.

You can be assured that you will have access to good health services to cater to any health needs that may come up during your stay on your visit to Seymour.