Advertising leaflets no longer work, as do announcements and advertisements in local newspapers, TV and radio. Italians are on average 6 hours a day on the internet and social media have become the “place” to meet them .

From this year, Facebook is the favorite tool for reading and sharing reviews (even more than TripAdvisor) and Instagram, as well as being the most used social media for young people between 15 and 24 years (75% use it at least once a day) , is used to inquire about dishes and offers even before choosing the place to eat.

Many restaurant owners have understood this and manage their social profiles with care and personality, knowing that they can strengthen the relationship with those who have already been in their local and attract new potential customers .

this article is for you. Make yourself comfortable and read these four social media marketing tips for restaurants carefully.

In the same way as when preparing a dish, even to better manage your social profiles you will have to follow a specific order. The work is divided into phases, from the choice of ingredients to tasting.


Don’t be in a hurry to preside over all the social networks and choose the one most in line with your market. you may prefer Instagram to Facebook; on the contrary, if you run a restaurant that specializes in typical local dishes, your audience is more likely to be on Facebook.

Every social network requires planning, specific content and a lot of care. before starting to use any social media, you should:

  • Define your goals . Do you want to attract locals, customers from neighboring areas or tourists visiting your city? Would you like to make more receipts or make your customers spend more?
  • Locate your competitors . Who I am? How do they behave on social media? Are successful?
  • Identify your target . Do you appeal to a young or older clientele? Workers looking for the ideal place for a lunch break or families who don’t know where to eat pizza on Saturday night?
  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses . Are you the best fish restaurant in the area or have you ever had a good relationship with shellfish? Do you have a menu made for repatriated friends or is the place too small to accommodate large groups?
  • Define a creative strategy . What makes you unique and how could you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Cover photos, eye-catching graphics or video-reviews from customers?

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