The critical aspects of managing the restaurant’s opening are so important that most restaurants try a soft, small opening. If your opening is so crowded that the service is slow or the food is not up to par, many customers will not give you a second chance. Suggestions for a successful grand opening include:

Plan to exaggerate with the staff
It is not essential to optimize the payroll during your opening event. Plan to have enough staff to make it redundant. You could expect to have several “wild cards” trained transversally to work in different key areas.

Employee training
Your staff should know where everything is, be familiar with the menus and have experience using your POS system.

Encourage a Strong Work Ethics
Owners and managers should be highly visible. Although it is important to interact with customers, managers should spend a good deal of time behind the scenes to ensure that things work smoothly. Your future depends on how you manage your early days, so don’t be lazy.

Invite friends and family members
Inviting friends, family and members who want your property before the official opening can provide valuable insights for the big day.

Solicit Local Traders
You can get a great promotional boost by asking local merchants to take samples of the menu or attend an evening welcome meeting in your bar.

Advertise on Social Media
Use social media to create interest in your restaurant by publishing a series of articles. This promotional content could include explaining different kitchens, offering a look behind the scenes of the restaurant and promoting the experience of its staff.

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